Natasha Byrd, Elepeacok, Spring 2010

  1. A delightful fantasy: an animal that exists as a mix between an elephant (large, heavy, grey, earthbound) and a bird (small, agile, colorful, flying)
  2. The coloration and textures of the materials used for the family group suggest the beauty of a peacock’s plumage without being overly descriptive, the metal wire suggests the elephants shape without telling us too much. Everything about the piece is provocative and evocative. We are moved to study the work.
  3. In a project asking for ONE animal, we are presented with a family grouping—immediately we are put in mind of relatedness
  4. One member of the family group is a pile of remains. This is the grandmother–she is dead
  5. The materials of the “bones” of the dead grandmother are more precious than those of living—gold instead of silver
  6. Intrigued, the viewer might be moved to gather more information about the work and seek the artist’s blog site (LINK) where one would discover innovative and informative use of the electronic media—a presentation on how elephants remember and commemorate their ancestors by caressing the bones of their relatives when they pass by the site of their passing