A nice way to get to know each other (and experiences and art objects and materials and…) is through finding out stuff you can only “know” through deeper investigation. Here are some revelations from Artists in 160 that invite us to be more curious about what is placed in front of us. The practice of curiosity opens up new ideas and understandings and is a strong antidote to the confining practice of judgment. Here are some interesting ideas about our class community:

At home I work on a farm and LOVE it.
I have two birthdays

Most people know me as Sarah Kay

I am a wave machine.

I write poetry

I’m a messy person

I played the saxophone for two years and the contra-alto bass clarinet for 4 years
I was the slowest runner on my high-school cross country team for four years.

I went bungee jumping even though I’m afraid of heights

I like to come out of nowhere and surprise people

One thing I hope to accomplish in my life is to do a complete cartwheel in a hamster wheel.

:: I sometimes dream in French with English subtitles.

Reading and writing are what get me through life

I am a secret adrenaline junkie.