Take a large sheet of bond paper and very pointy 2B pencil. Draw freehand one-eighth inch apart, without ruler, straight lines across the paper. Do it again and again until it is in control. To have your concentration control your hand is an exquisite and emotional experience. Like doing a sport well. You don’t have to slit your throat, or even have an original idea, to make a personal expression. Because anytime you touch pencil to paper it is personal.

Invent a device that enables you to manufacture ghosts. No sheets

Make a sculpture that will enable you to fly.

Build a fragment that contains your memories

Invent a character to go where you wouldn’t

Make a garden. No flowers.

Imagine you’re insane. Invent a series of insane actions and construct something that an insane person would construct.

[This assignment is inspired by pages from “Sketch Book with Voices” by Jerry Saltz and Eric Fischl]