Reading these excellent process logs shows me why I find the information you all write so valuable. As a teacher (and a relatively old and experienced person) it’s easy to lose site of what it’s like to be where you are—on the risky side of the easel. I forget about the difficulty of putting a mark on a page, right there in the middle of the room, blatantly, for all the world to see (and judge). Of course taking those risks are part of the creative process. Anytime we share we risk, but it’s in the sharing that we get to relate and discover ourselves and each other (maybe discover ourselves through the shared experience of each other). I am happy to be able to post links to some of your process logs that offer me insight and revelation into what you are (and are not!) learning. Writing is thinking, drawing is thinking. Putting together a personalized, thoughtful, risky and well-expressed point of view is another way of performing a creative act that gives the reader/viewer/perceiver (and teacher!) a new way of seeing. Thank you Anahita, Polly, Kirstein and Meghan for some great work! Follow these links to process logs worth reading!