Process log comment excerpt:

Nell: wow do I love this:

“I have as well been having trouble this week with my other classes and this project has helped to calm me, and to realize that imperfection can make a more significant mark than pure perfection ever can.”

I didn’t learn that ‘til age 50!
 How much more interesting is your (imperfect) take on the matter than anything authoritarian and perfect? How much more inclined am I to participate and relate if it is not perfect? How much more curious I am and accessible you are in the imperfect expression?!

What about redefining perfect as having the perfect experience rather than the perfect product. So, for example if the experience leads to discovery it’s perfect. When you abandon the notion of a specific result, it’s a perfect experience.

Celeste: So life is perfect, no matter what happens, just because we are living

Nell: yes. Like.