This artist’s post is thoughtful and well-written and even “thesis driven” in that she shares a cohesive connection to the idea of “should” in her concluding paragraph. All of her previous posts are also worth reading!

Sydney M. Art160 Fall 2014 ASC

Drawing without instruction always seems like a good idea initially. You feel inspired, you’ve got all your pencils sharpened and your erasers clean and at the read. Perfect. Usually you have an idea in your head of what you want the final result to look like. Maybe you have your drawing subject put in front of you. Either way, without instruction and without a clearly defined process, you will fall short of your expectations. If you don’t then I will just admit that I do. Usually.

IMG_20140903_010150This beautiful drawing to the left is of a chair. It is far below my expectations of what my drawing of a chair should look like. I had no goal other than to draw a chair. I had no purpose other than to see the end result. I wanted my end result to look ‘correct’ and it did not. It looks similar to ‘a…

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