Images from Alison! (Merci!)

Since everyone I talked to about this class project asked me about the work of others in the class, I decided to show them through pictures on the blog.

I took the photos with my DSLR camera so if some artists wants to get a high quality photo of their sculpture, feel free to do so !

I really love everyone’s animal and I think we all did a excellent job so I hope you will all feel the same way by looking at this pictures….

Enjoy !

DSC_0983DSC_0991DSC_0996DSC_1000DSC_1003DSC_1004  DSC_1016DSC_1022DSC_1030DSC_1035DSC_1043DSC_1047!!!$DSC_1050DSC_1056!!!obsolesPandove less qualityDSC_1014

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