“Ziwen is a combination of eagle and tortoise that has not only the solid shell and short tail of a tortoise, but also the huge wings, hard beak, and strong claws of an eagle. Instead of the cold and piercing eyes of eagles, Ziwen’s eyes look warm and beautiful because it is a deity which bring people hope and save their life. With wings comparable to the eagles’, it has the fastest flying speed. Every time it finds people are tortured by the diseases, it will fly to them and carry magic flowers it planted, which could cure all the diseases, to save them. The attributes of tortoise and eagle guarantee that it can live in all kinds of hard environments and that it has a long life expectancy that enables it to live for thousands of years”

(From Xinyao’s process Blog)

Xinyao’s Superpower animal was very moving and many of you chose her animal to write about.

From Alison:

“Everyone’s animal was really interesting and well executed, but if I would have to pick my favorite one I will choose Xinyao’s animal : the tortoise/eagle hybrid.

I think he’s the most appealing to me because of the feeling that comes out of it. We can really feel the effort and care that she put to create this beautiful animal. She searched to reproduce with extreme fidelity and precision all the elements of her animal. We can even perceive the eyelashes on his face and see the feather on his legs. What’s even more impressive is that the most precise and accurate animal was actually  the smallest one. It’s just beautiful how a tiny object can have so much cultural and emotional baggages depending on the use of  colors and materials.”

From Ama:

Xin Yao’s Super Animal was so flawlessly and carefully put together, the personal significance is impossible to disregard, The fact that her animal is so small yet so detailed is an ode to her craftsmanship and  artistic precision. The wings and the white rose are my favorite parts of the piece I think they add a wonderful flair to the animal, its interesting how two small things are so subtly powerful and present. Without them, Xin Yao’s piece simply wouldn’t be the same. The entire piece has a tranquil effect on its witnesses and the materials function easily in demonstrating the animals super power, which is bringing calm and healing to sick cancer patients.

(Ama’s process log)

From Anastasia:

“Allow me to introduce Zi Wen by 欣瑶(Xin Yao). I am in love with this animal. She created the Zi Wen in order to help cure terminal illnesses like Cancer. She mentioned that this was a very important issue to her because someone in her family has cancer. The Zi Wen is a mix of an eagle and a turtle. In China, the turtle is a symbol of immortality. In ancient times, the god of Egyptian art is an eagle as well as in america it is a sign of strength. Its superpower is the ability to adapt to any situation, immortality, and can cure illnesses. She tied in the adaptability to being able to travel to different lands and be completely fine living there as well as humans who are ill can adapt to hospitals and different tests more comfortably. Also its sound is ‘fu fu fu’.

But can we just take a minute and look at this animal? Its so clear that she spent a lot of time on it. Not only the wings, but he intricacy of the face shows that every piece put on was very precisely put. The flower in its grip is that extra flair that lets us know that it promotes peace or health.”

(Anastasia’s process log)

From Anna:

“The “tortoise and eagle” by Xinyao Li is my favorite animal from the class. Every aspect of it, from symbolic form, to materials, to size, are synchronized perfectly to create a smooth and moving 3D creature. Its compact size makes it unassuming; its beautiful, outstretched, layered wings make it expansive and majestic; its soft pink body makes it warm and comforting; the flower clutched in its feet makes it active and more alive. It is a truly moving and effective piece.”

(Anna’s Process Log)

From Hannah:

“As far as other people’s animals in class go, Xinyao’s tortoise/eagle hybrid impressed me the most. The obvious meticulous care that she put into constructing it was amazing. Her use of Chinese and American folklore was awesome, and is representative of how the two cultures must affect her as a person, having moved to the U.S. for college. Her honoring her grandfather in her animal’s superpower of healing and giving hope to those who are sick was also incredibly admirable. I was so impressed.”

(Hannah’s process log)

From Katie:

“My favorite animal out of the class was defiantly the eagle tortes. Not only was the most detailed an intricate animal there, but she had so much passion and care for it! She connected it to her grandfather whom she defiantly loves abundantly! She wanted something to cure his cancer and this beautiful animal was made to do just that! By flying to the caner infected person and giving them a beautiful flower to cure their cancer. Her animal was so beautiful! To think that it was created from trash is crazy! if I hadn’t known the assignment I would never have, in a million years, guessed it was made out of garbage! the wings were so detailed! and they has the three colors to represent the three cultures mixing together. Oh, it was just so wonderful!”

(from Katie’s Process log)

Clearly an inspired and inspiring piece!